Michael Waters

Bust image of Michael Waters, CTO of Quest Crypto.

Mike has been involved with Real Estate Investing since the early 1990s and over the course of 25 years has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions. Investing in Fix and Flips, Rentals,
wholesaling and retailing, lease options, etc…. he would use all kinds of creative strategies to finance his real estate transactions.

On paper, he could easily show hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity, and in the case of his rental properties it was easy to show on paper millions of dollars in equity, but accessing his equity and leveraging it
into cash was then and is now always been a problem.

As a co-founder of 4RealEstateLeads.com, he loved learning how the technology sector could streamline and assist in the real estate world.
In 2018 He teamed up with his friend and attorney Christian Barlow to figure out how to take a cryptocurrency and attach it to a real-world asset like real estate.

The Quest Crypto-Currency was created as a brainchild of Michael Waters’ 25 years’ experience in real estate and Christian Barlow’s
25 years of experience as a lawyer.

Quest Crypto is a land-backed currency that allows a global real estate market of 203 Trillion to be instantly liquid.