Jeff Pinnacle

Jeff Pinnacle, also known as “Litecoin Leader”, has been in the world of cryptocurrency for five years. He specializes in the area known as “Altcoins”, which is simply any cryptocurrency coin that is not Bitcoin, i.e. everything else.

He created in March of 2021 to showcase altcoins on his YouTube channel with a game called ALTCOINopoly, which parallels some of the elements of a similarly named and popular board game.

Having worked for corporate America for 20+ years in numerous capacities, he has learned what to do – and not to do for success.

He has developed his own viewpoint as a true entrepreneur with this outlook.

Jeff also worked as a real estate investor for several years right up to the most recent financial collapses and bank bailouts in 2008.

Once he began looking for the next best paths forward, he discovered cryptocurrency and saw the numerous possibilities for that sector to remedy many flawed aspects of the world’s systems of economics where this new blockchain technology could be applied.