Charlene Brown

CHARLENE BROWN, aka, Charlene the Crypto Queen, is an adjunct professor at Utah Valley University, offering certificate courses on Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology. She hosts a live radio broadcast out of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA . She produces and hosts the television show “Eco-Effect”. She’s the publisher and managing editor of TOKENS Magazine, formerly Lookin’ Green, since 2007. She’s also the director and host of the
Charlene holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, a SAP Enterprise Technology Management Certificate, a Diploma in Business Administration, and is a proud recipient of Ernst & Young Small Business Award.
With her many years in the energy and utility industry, Charlene is the thought-leader on the connection between crypto, clean energy, and climate action. She works with partners worldwide on developing carbon neutral projects that harness our natural resources for sustainable economies.