Cameron Walfoort

Bust image of Cameron Walfoort the CEO of L1ght L1st.

Cameron Walfoort is a Redding, CA native. At the age of 20, he stepped into the world of investing and was hooked after seeing The Wolf of Wall Street. He was constantly digging into new investments trying desperately to throw everything he had at underdogs to get rich overnight; needless to say, he didn’t get far on that strategy, but it was an important learning experience for him.

After running his account dry, he decided to take a few years off of investing and wait until he could afford to hold against his losses and wait for the upswing, a much more sound strategy.

A few years went by, and he began investing again with more conservative amounts of money. His strategy moving forward took the long game approach while diversifying his holdings.

When the market chaos of 2021 happened with short squeezes in the stock market and people becoming millionaires overnight on meme-coins, he invested into the crypto market and began purchasing coins off sheer market cap speculation and caught some winners on the way up boosting both his confidence and his ego.

This short-term success lead him to begin aggressively investing in microcap projects that had not launched yet, anxiously waiting for his turn to hop on the next big thing. In a matter of months, he was farming tokens and scraping yields.

He enthusiastically invested in a new farming platform that wiped his wallet clean within seconds after hitting connect on the wallet. He lost everything and once again sidelined him from investing.

Realizing how heavily new projects could be manipulated by a small group of people driving the market h set out to change the world of decentralized finance.

He trained his eye to develop technology to accurately gauge investor demand for a project use case outside of looking at upvotes and holder counts.

In 2021 he and Michael Margrave co-founded the project L1ght L1st. Recently, L1ght L1st merged with the Fantom Financial Network to build upon and expand L1ght’s technology. https://Fantom.Financial