Brent Allgood

Brent Allgood has been playing with computers since 1981 when his dad brought home their first PC.

Though he loves tech, he has had many other jobs over the years including spending 10 years at sea working on cruise ships visiting 55 countries over that time.

Eventually, he left the sea and began working in tech again with one of his high school friends. During those many years he reconnected with another old friend and broke rule #1: Don’t date your friend’s sisters. After a short time dating and a short engagement, they were married.

Not long after they were married they were expecting their first baby together. However, there were serious complications and Tegan was born 101 days early, on vacation, weighing 1 lb, 1/2 oz.

After spending her entire life of not quite 13 months in the NICU and PICU, she got sick one last time and her little body could not handle it anymore.

He has 5 other children now, Victoria, who is from his wife’s first marriage, Zachary, Natalie, Nathaniel, and Benjamin.

Brent and his wife moved from Arizona to Utah after the company he had been with for 13 years were sold and the new HQ was in Draper. He didn’t ‘survive’ the second acquisition. The circumstances were such that he decided to try starting his own company doing what he had been doing for a long time.

PRIMETEK Business Technology Solutions is a technology consulting company that partners with technology service providers that have an indirect channel sales option with clients.

About two years ago, he and a friend launched a new company Adaptive Workshops, with the premise of working with businesses providing workshops that use VR technology as an experiential learning platform.

Being a geek, Brent built his own machines for VR. Silicon Slopes called him 2 weeks prior to TechSummit 2020 asking him if he would come and exhibit, which he did. He built 4 machines with i9’s and 2070 Supers. He had several offers from people to buy the machines during the conference. But with the pandemic shuttering everything, his machines were sitting idle.

Not long ago, his old friend and boss called him and asked if he was interested in learning to mine crypto. Sure! Now those machines and his office PC are always on and mining away.